Which Final Fantasy Girl would you relate with the most? A good candidate for a best friend and companion.

1. Which color combination appeals to you the most?

2. Which flower appeals to you the most?

3. SITUATION: A good looking stranger approaches you, asking for direction to the Cinema. However, you yourself don't know where the Cinema is. You:

Just point toward a general direction and be on your way.
Say you're unsure, but you'll accompany them and find the Cinema together.
Ask them to accompany you to your own destination first. Then, you'll accompany them to the Cinema.
Give them the general directions first. But tell them that they can come back and ask you if they still get lost.
Ask them to pay you for your services first.
Ask them what they want to do at the Cinema, but point toward the most logical direction you can think of.

4. What outfit would YOU (or would you like your girl-friend) to wear on an afternoon date?

5. What are you plans for the weekend?

Parties and social events!
Catch up on reading my favorite books.
Watch a movie or a concert.
Go disco and bar hopping
Visit a museum and historical landmarks
Picnic or go to the beach.

6. Hairstyle that appeals to you:

Fixed up to look perfect and natural.
Just let it loose.
Colorize add highlights.
Accessorize - beads, barettes, ribbons, etc.
Tied back in a ponytail, but a few strategic curls fall on my face.
Loose, neat looking ponytail would do.

7. SITUATION: You are stuck in an elevator with an attractive person. You:

Reassure them that everything will be allright and you will be rescued.
You're really scared and want comfort.
Politely ask them to stay on their side of the elevator.
Tell them that you will be forever in their debt if they can get you out of this.
Remain calm and composed and tell them not to panic.
Start a friendly conversation to pas away the time and reduce worry.

8. SITUATION: You found out that you and your bestfriend are in love with the same person. Both of you are silently competing to be the love of that person's life. You:

Approach your love interest and remind him/her of all the good times you've had in the past.
Just relax. There'll be other people worthy to love.
Silently hope that your love interest would realize how much you love him/her.
Don't really care! May the best one win!
Doubt...what can I do?
Admit your feelings to him/her. But assure him/her that this will not affect your friendship.

9. SITUATION: You found out that your bestfriend is failing in school because he skips classes to play Network games. You tell him:

"I told you this would happen? But did you ever listen to me?"
"Okay, we can still save your school grades. Let's do something about it now."
"I liked you better before."
"I didn't know you were failing."
"What games are you playing? We'll beat them all!"
"Okay, we can do something about it now. But bad habbits are hard to break."

Note: This test is meant for FUN! Descriptions are based on personal observations while playing FFVII-FFX.

Test questions are coded by me and artwork are courtesy of celyne.